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We like to point out that some days tends to be busy in the afternoons so we recommend a visit in the morning or around noon

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About Hrunalaug

Small natural hot spring with pure water at body temperature

Hrunalaug is a natural hot spring located in the Hrunamannahreppur region closed to the village Flúðir. The property is privately owned and has been in the same family since it was originally built back in the 1890s on the farm Ás.

Hrunalaug is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike, as well as being known for its relaxing and rejuvenating properties. The water in the hot spring is naturally heated by geothermal activity and is rich in minerals that are said to have therapeutic benefits for the skin and muscles.

Visitors can enjoy a soak in the warm waters of the hot spring, surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of the Icelandic landscape. Despite its popularity, Hrunalaug remains a peaceful and serene location, offering a unique and unforgettable experience for those who visit.

The area

Three different pools

Laundry  The oldest part of the pool in its current form was built around 1890 by Stefán Jónsson (b.1857, d.1917), farmer at Ás and his family. This part of the pool was used for washing laundry and bathing the family members.

Sheep  The second pool was built in year 1935 by Steindór Eiríksson (b.1884, d.1967), also a farmer at Ás and grandfather of current owners. That structure was originally conceived for the bathing of sheep. Every two years, all sheep had to be washed to prevent scab, which is a serious disease caused by mite that infests sheep. Bathing of sheep was discontinued in the 1980s.

Tourists  The third pool was constructed by the current owners in 2017 to meet the needs of the growing number of tourists eager to experience the uniqueness of this amazing place. In the summer of 2023, this section of the pool underwent a complete renovation, featuring the addition of an outer ring made of natural columnar basalt. The result is a new, larger, deeper, and more beautiful pool that everyone should enjoy.

Practical information

Opening hours

Summer season May 1st - August 14th

9:00 - 23:00

Fall and spring season August 15th - November 14th and March 15th - April 30th

9:00 - 21:00

Winter season November 15th - March 14th

10:00 - 20:00

  • Access outside opening hours is not permitted
  • Every visit has a time limit of 1 hour and 30 minutes. This is done because the place is very small, and we would like to give as many people as possible the opportunity to visit the hot spring

  • Unfortunately, the hot spring is not accessible for wheelchair-users

  • It's forbidden to bring drinks in glass bottles to the pool

  • Drone flights are prohibited

  • Until now, it has been possible to visit the pool during the day and night, but now measures have been taken and the pool is closed outside opening hours

  • It has happened during a very dry period that the pool has dried up. If this happens, information will be published on this website

  • For safety reasons, we would like to point out that it can be very slippery to walk on wet stones in and around the pool. All visitors are at their own risk

Price List

  Adult   2500 ISK
  12 - 16 yrs   1500 ISK
  11 and younger   Free

Payment by card or cash is accepted
We do not have a booking system yet. We kindly ask customers to be patient if the maximum number is reached
Two small, temporary huts have been placed near the hot spring for visitors to change clothes. Each hut is equipped with hangers and baskets. Please note that lockers are not available in these facilities. Additionally, there is a service house located next to the parking lot, offering restroom facilities for added convenience
Towels are available for rent, and we offer a selection of coffee, soda, and sweets for purchase before or after your visit. Enjoy refreshments to complement your experience!


To find us, please search for "Hrunalaug Hot Spring"

Hrunalaug is located in the middle of the southern part of Iceland. A short distance from all the main natural gems

  • 13 km from the famous Golden Circle

  • 30 km from Geysir

  • 32 km from Gullfoss

  • 100 km from Reykjavík

Private booking

Book a private session for your group

Private session

A visit to Hrunalaug with no other guests at the same time

Alone in the beautiful nature, surrounded only by the sound of birds singing and the wind blowing. It's a unique experience perfect for
- Celebrating a special occasion with your loved ones
- Bigger groups wanting to book a different activity together
- Photoshoots and other marketing ventures

All other guests will have left the area and a guard will make sure you are not disturbed. A private session is therefore more expensive than regular admission fee. For more information and booking of a private session, please contact us at

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